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Prof. Fang Shu

Assistant Teaching Professor/ Director, Honors China Program

Florida International University

Always willing to take the initiative and embrace a challenge, Fang enjoys working across different environments and interacting with a diverse set of individuals. He currently teaches face-to-face/online/hybrid courses for the Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management and the Honors College at Florida International University.


With strong communication skills and leadership experience, he served as the China Programs Manager at FIU before teaching full-time. His duties entailed oversight of all activities of the Chaplin School's admissions and career development team in Greater China, including the recruitment, enrollment, and eventual job-placement of Chinese students at FIU’s degree-granting campus in Miami. He possesses a native appreciation of Asian culture and has a comprehensive understanding of international business processes and practices. 



Assistant Teaching Professor

07/2015- Present

Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Florida International University


Faculty Director, Honors China Program 

07/2018- Present

Honors College               

Florida International University


China Programs Manager     

02/2013- 07/2017

Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Florida International University


Vice Chair, Asia Committee   

07/2015- 08/2017

Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce


Steering Committee Member, Chinatown

07/2016- Present                                          

City of North Miami 


Advisory Board Member

02/2021- Present

Camp Kesem FIU Chapter




  • FIU Presidential Leadership Program Member, 2017

  • FIU Provost’s Hybrid Pilot Program Member, 2017

  • FIU High Achievers Awards, 2012

  • Marketing Director of SGA BBC, 2011-2012

  • Lee Brian Schrager Excellence in Leadership Award, 2012

  • John W. Kluge Foundation Scholarship, 2012

  • Marriott-China Scholarship, 2011

  • PCMA Leadership Scholarship, 2011

  • Michael E. Hurst Scholarship, 2011

  • Dean’s Lecture Scholarship, 2010

Typing on a Computer


Here you will find information about the research publications I’ve been involved with. Throughout my research, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many interesting projects that have enriched my understanding and paved the path towards my successful Researcher career. I’m proud to showcase my hard work with the list of publications.



Shu, F. (2020). Green or Great, That is the Question. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research.

Pan, T., Shu, F., Kitterlin, M., & Beckman, E. (2020). Perception of Cruise Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Market Recovery Strategies for Cruise Businesses in North America. Tourism Management.

Beckman, E., Shu, F., & Pan, T. (2020). The application of enduring involvement theory in the development of a success model for a craft beer and food festival. International Journal of Event and Festival Management.


Shu, F., Olson, E., & Beckman, E. (2019). Exploring the Internet of Things and its effect on tourist behavior. Presented at the 25th Annual Graduate Education and Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism, Las Vegas.

Shu, F., & Lee, S. (2019). An Integrative Approach to Identify Consumer’s Decision-Making Process to Use a Food Delivery App. Presented at the 2019 APacCHRIE & EuroCHRIE Joint Conference, Hong Kong.

Shu, F., Olson, E., & Zhao, J. (2019). Chinese Pet Owners’ Intention to Travel with Pets Using the Extended Model of  Goal-Directed Behavior. Presented at the 2019 APacCHRIE & EuroCHRIE Joint Conference, Hong Kong.

Yan, G., Zhao, J., & Shu, F. (2019). Analysis on the Optimized Development Path of China’s Cruise Exhibition Industry. Presented at the 174th ISERD International Conference.


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